A COUPLE of weeks ago, in San Diego, California, a very young Filipino by the name of Rupert "Dodong" Zaragoza captured the trophy for the 11-12 years division in the 43rd Callaway Junior World Golf Championship.

Dodong is the son of Boyet Zaragoza. Boyet and Dodong are from Apo Golf Club, laking Dabaw, from our beloved city. Hmmm...after I wrote this, I read it again...I feel that there's something missing...how ordinary the way I wrote it. It was like a computer generated the words of my story. You know what is missing?

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

This...Yippee!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Whew! There, the story is much better.

Boyet is from Apo Golf Club and, with my father's assistance, was sent to Manila to train for the national pool to compete for the Philippine team. Boyet is now a pro based in Manila. His son, who is only 12 years old, is following his dad's footsteps. And, it seems like little Dodong is performing much better than his dad. Maybe you failed to capture it in your mind what this 12-year-old Davaoeno just won. Let me repeat it...Dodong Zaragoza just won the 43rd Callaway Junior WORLD Golf Championship held in the United States! Yehey!

First, there was Hiro Ikeda. And now we have Dodong Zaragoza. And before Hiro Ikeda, there was Imee Garcia. Hahaha! Joke! Let me dream, please! And just so you know, there is a Korean girl who's been winning in the United States LPGA who once trained in Apo Golf Club. We have so many great pros that are products of Apo Golf Club. What does that tell us? We have a gold mine--Apo Golf is an excellent training ground.

Not only that, the Philippine Open is always held in Manila or the surrounding area. Only once was it held outside, and it was in Mindanao -- In Davao City -- at Apo Golf Club. Not many people know this, but it was actually my father -- Tony Garcia's idea, to bring it to Davao. He was with the NGAP then, which was headed by Mr. Peping Cojuangco. He suggested to the board to bring the Philippine Open Tournament outside Manila, and no better place to hold it than Apo Golf Club. My father was able to convince the board members to hold it in Apo Golf. After a year or two, his idea became a reality.

Fellow proprietary members of Apo Golf club and our distinguished members of the Board, are we not lucky and proud of our club? I'm telling you, our share is way undervalued. If we're not doing so well locally, maybe we should sell our shares internationally. If we sell our shares in Korea or other countries, they will sell like hotcakes.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd Masters Cup -- The Sidlakan Open Golf Tournament in cooperation with the Sports Foundation of Saint Andrews (SFOSA), held last July 24-25.

They are as follows:

Overall gross champion - EJ Casintahan

Overall net champion - Cydric Tamayo

Class A gross champion - Tibor Marcelino

Class A net champion - Tonina Callao

Class B gross champion - Dodong Rizon

Class B net champion - Mac Joaquin

Class C gross champion - Charles Yumang

Class C net champion - Cirilo Olmoguez

Class D gross champion - Jerson Lebosada

Class D net champion - Michael Hao

Congratulations to the winners of the Monthly Medal tournament of Davao City Golf Club held last July 31 to August 1. They are as follows:

Class A gross champion - Larry Pasquil

Class A net champion - Nido Albarillo

Class B gross champion - Fred Albarillo

Class B net champion - Ronald Magsico

Class C gross champion - Charles Yumang

Class C net champion - Danny Sumagit

Class D gross champion - Abelardo Sta Reta

Class D net champion - Ernesto Danlag

Guests Division gross champion - Pat Barcelona

Guests Division net champion - Bong Martin