PETRON Corporation is set to open a refilling station within a residential area in Sitio Bontong, Barangay Camaman-an, this city.

The City Council has already issued a certificate of social acceptability to Ariel Tan, the owner of the refilling station, after a committee hearing held recently.

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During the hearing, the City Council said Tan has successfully complied with the implementing rules and regulations stipulated under the City Codified Ordinance.

The residents in the said area have also approved of the project, citing its accessibility.

The refilling station will be housed in a 261-square meter area within Tan’s property in Camaman-an.

Tan said they would install two units of small dispenser and four units underground tanks with a capacity of 15,000 liters per tank intended for gasoline and diesel.

Based on the application, the refilling station will not undertake any servicing activities such as car washing and other automotive repair activities.

Since the project is located within a busy commercial district in Camaman-an,

Tan assured that the refilling station is safe.

But even if the application has already been approved, the City Council had required Petron to maintain proper housekeeping and sanitation measures within the project area and its surrounding vicinity.

The company is also required to install a separate septic tank for water waste and provide oil-water separator.