MEMBERS of the private sector yesterday urged Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama to be different from the administration of past leaders of the city.

That, after Rama presented his first 100 days agenda during the “Understanding Choices Forum, the First 100 Days in Governance...Results Matter” organized by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (Rafi).

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Juan Mercado, one of the reactors of the forum, said Rama should do more than the routine work.

Mercado, a Sun.Star Cebu columnist who represented the media sector during the forum, said Rama spoke well of his agenda for the City Government in the first 100 days of his office. But he said there is still a need to think deeper so as to address

problems of the city.

For the first 100 days of his office, Rama has promised to implement asphalting projects to improve roads and improve the drainage system, garbage collection, street lighting, health, traffic management and peace and order.

During his talk, Mercado also criticized Rama’s proposed brass band and chorale group as well as the city’s plan to buy three Vietnam War-era planes. Rama recently put an end to the proposal of buying the planes, citing adverse public reaction.

“We must really ask, does that really address the gut issues here in Cebu?...You have to think deeper,” said Mercado.

Professor Perry Fajardo of the Department of Economics of the University of San Carlos, echoed Mercado’s statement that Rama should go beyond the routine work of a chief executive.

Fajardo, who was also a reactor of the forum, said most chief executives only act when the need arises. He urged Rama not to do this.

“The mayor is the captain of the boat. The boat is not yet sinking but it has many holes,” said Fajardo.

To achieve a sustainable city, Fajardo said Rama should ensure that the city’s resources are efficiently allocated and equally distributed.

He added that the mayor must ensure that resources are used sustainably and allowed to grow so that more will be available for the use of future generations.

Fajardo also said Rama must see to it that the city’s constituents have “decent homes, will live in peace, happy, contented and secure.”

Sought for comment, Rama said his agenda for the city government will be different and distinct. He said this will be enclosed in the Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA) that is yet to be finalized.