THE Supreme Court with finality denied the motion for reconsideration filed by the League of Cities of the Philippines, for the Highest Court to reconsider its position validating the city hood status of 16 towns, some of which are from Mindanao and the Visayas.

Aside from El Salvador, Tandag in Surigao del Sur and Bayugan in Agusan del Sur, as well as Catbalogan in Samar and Naga in Cebu, these towns will enjoy benefits of internal revenue allotments (IRA), which then can make projects for the common good like cemented roads, hospitals and school buildings too.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

For the uninformed, El Salvador City in Misamis Oriental is the fortunate site of the God given Divine Mercy Shrine, which attracts pilgrims from all over the country, Asia and the USA and the Middle East countries where there are Filipino Overseas Workers.

Simply by word of mouth, even non Christians, but who are believers in an Almighty God come and brush elbows with peoples of different faiths.

Its so refreshing a sight to behold to see people from all walks of life from different stations in life, cultures and aspirations, congregate not to seek pleasure but to seek out a God for whatever needs they seek from the Divine Providence.

It reminded me of my trip to Lourdes France 15 years ago with my wife Kits, where we joined a pilgrimage tour with a few Cagayanons with us like the late RTC Judge Puro Velez and his wife Gingging, lawyer Benber Apepe and wife Nila, the late mother of lawyer Bong Vedad, who was a retiree and Eileen Roa, the wife of the late Ricky Roa. Gingging Nadal, the tour operator accompanied us.

Such spiritually enriching experience is so indelibly unforgettable for looking at it now, this must be part of God's plan to have me involved with my wife to do a leap of faith more than a decade after.

I remembered that when I took a dip in one of the small pools in the famous baths for healing in the miraculous place of Lourdes, France, I swallowed its water for when I dipped in to the pool with two persons holding my left and right arms, it was too sudden.

To top it all, the man who preceded me in the pool, a white man had full of sores and wounds in his body. I was so afraid that his affliction will contaminate me, that's why I brought a gallon full of healing water just to make sure that my fears will not come true.

Even though it was very inconvenient for me, I carried it through the 32 days European tour, for daily I drank a cup of its water.

I shared my experience to my wife and lawyers Puro and Benber. They too were alarmed but all told nothing untoward happened to me.

I also remembered my brief visit I had to the Holy place that when I was pulled out of the healing pool by the two male volunteers, who spoke in French, that my whole body was dry without a trace of wetness. A miracle indeed.

In a cave in the grotto several crutches hung to remind the pilgrims that healings were had in the sacred place.

Before we departed to another site to continue the tour, my wife and I made the 14 Stations of the Cross at 4 in the morning. And the life size 14 stations were a sight to behold. It's so awesome.

From a remote and unknown village Lourdes, France is a very popular destination, especially for those who seek healing for incurable diseases.

How come I never went back to Lourdes, France after my cancer of the larynx operation in July 16, 2006, if at all it's really a place of miraculous healings?

I did not for I am now convinced that the miracle I will experience will be in the Divine Mercy Shrine, after the visionaries of the Divine Mercy Foundation, Boy Arengo, Naning Tante, Luisa Llego and Rubing Raagas that God will be kind to me despite my being a sinner for He will allow me to speak again to glorify Him.

How am I today? Have I become holy? Far from it. But I simply wait patiently for God to perform a miracle on me in His time, not mine.

God willing by next year, my wife and I will reside already in PSB-Ulaliman, El Salvador City, for our house will then be completed.

How about our house in Nemesito Chaves Village in Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro City? My wife and I decided to sell it, for our sons have their own abodes to settle in.

However, I will continue to be a voter in Cagayan de Oro with my wife and sons, for we will retain our G & P Adaza Garden where my office and that of my wife are situated.

And when the Divine Mercy Hills will be fully developed hopefully in three years time, my wife and I can look back and be very thankful to God that He made us a part in making the Divine Mercy Hills truly a place of worship, conversion and healing, for us Filipinos especially. Now the poor, the rich, the powerless and the powerful can reach out to God alike and avail of His Love and Mercy, by drinking its healing water for free. (