UNLIKE the chess con artists at downtown sidewalks who steal money from suckers in broad daylight; some people in corporate suits play the same game.  The only difference is that these classy sportsmen do not give puzzle to solve – they play the waiting game. 


In short, the suckers' P100 will not win P200 since there is no right solution to the puzzle.  The smart street boys have all the counter moves to pocket the bet.  Everyone who attempt to solve have no chance to win. 

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The case of the best in stalemates looks like this: each forgot whose move was it, that the kibitzer gazing at the board, fall asleep.  Only this time the snoring bystander was no ordinary chess lover. 


The chess players were A.  Lizares and A. Losare, the one in whiite is a Petron Station dealer.  The one with the black pieces is a Petron Reselller division exec. Both, incidentally, were not bred like those path walk genius in the Central Market area. 

The third party happened to be the owner of the car which windshield was broken and the hood distorted after a Petron cashier's booth fell on top of it after the whirlwind of May 26 passed by a gas station south of Bacolod. 

Luckily, the Petron cashier who was inside the cubicle when the unbolted booth was catapulted, got only a bruised elbow.  But the car was in a mess.  


All aghast and surprised, the dealer promised to help with the damages. But after more than 2 months, Lizares was waiting for Losare to pay the cost of repair in excess of the Owner's Damage covered by the insurance. 


Lizares and Losare seemed to contend that the accident was an act of God. And it is not covered by Petron's insurance.  In short, the car owner, who luckily survived the ordeal, has to work and pay for the repair of the damage. 

Until this time, the two wise men have not made a move to ease the burden of their gas station's deficiency.  Both seem to point their accusing fingers at the Petron contractor who built the station with malice or deficiency. 


Since, theirs is a stalemate, it’s a draw. Both got 1 point each.  The kibitzer got a good nap too. The entire car owner has to do or was forced to do, is to sign a promissory note to the authorized repair shop to pay personally for the excess cost so that his nagging missus will finally zip her mouth 


If you tell me now, who are the better chess players, I will pick these two.  The wise wizards will bring home your hundreds – but these Petron guys will save more or less 11k for putting the bystander to sleep. 


After all the whirlwind is an act of God.  


Some friends of the sleeper at Hall of Justice said he file a case.  Not so sure if he will do that.  A filing fee reaches a thousand plus the IOU note he signed with the repair shop– doubt it. 

Sometimes God play tricks on us.  He gave us people who will change your life and will prove that first impression never lasts.   


Those sweat-smelling puzzlers in the streets are sometimes better than those with secretaries on their laps beating the heat inside their air-conditioned rooms. 

Hope no boo-ha-wee come their way.  


It might awaken the kibitzer and go to a kangaroo court instead, just to level the playing field.