A MEMBER of Cagayan de Oro City Council urged local residents to turn over their worn-out Philippine flags to the Boy Scouts of the Philippines in Luna-Velez Sts.

Councilor Ramon Tabor said the worn-out flags will be properly disposed of in a ceremony on August 30 at the Kiosko Kagawasan in Divisoria in observance of the National Heroes’ Day celebration.

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Tabor said the City Council is inviting all students, barangay officials and other agencies to witness the proper disposal of the worn out Philippine flags.

“The Philippine flag is the symbol of our national identity and independence in which great respect and importance shall at all times be bear in mind even if it is worn out and to be dispose of,” Tabor said.

Section 14 of Republic Act 8491 or the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines provides for the proper disposal of worn out Philippine flag. It states that a flag worn out through wear and tear shall not be thrown away but shall be solemnly burned to avoid misuse or discretion, not to be used as rags.

Tabor said if flags show wear and tear, it must be replaced immediately.

During the disposal ceremony, Tabor said the audience will gather in a U-formation with the flag pole located in front. A fire shall be placed in front of the flagpole with its embers already lighted, candle scraps or oil may be used but not gasoline or kerosene with a piece of mesh about 18x18 inches shall be placed on top of the fire where the flag shall be burned.

“For the lowering ceremony, Section 22 of RA 8491 states that the flag shall be lowered solemnly and slowly so that the flag shall be down the mast at the sound of the last note of the anthem while those in the assembly shall observe the same behavior as for the flag raising ceremony,” Tabor said.

He added that immediately after the lowering, the flag is folded and ceremoniously brought outside the formation and placed on the table beside the flagpole.

The ceremony that follows begins with some patriotic songs sung by those gathered to set the appropriate mood where a guest speaker shall then talk on the significance of the ceremony and on what the flag stands for.

“The ceremony will serve as a reminder to all especially to the young generation about the sacrifices made by our ancestors to attain our freedom and become what we are now. As Filipinos, we bear in mind to always respect our Philippine flag,” Tabor said. (Nicole J. Managbang)