CEBU City South District Rep. Tomas Osmeña, through former city administrator Francisco “Bimbo” Fernandez, has announced his intention to give multicabs to the province’s two municipalities whose vehicles were taken back by Gov. Gwen Garcia.

Tomas expressed his sympathy to these local government units for being victims of Gwen's political vendetta. These towns are Pinamungajan and Tuburan. Their mayors are not with Gwen's One Cebu Party.

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But why would Tomas still dip his fingers into issues in the province, particularly those against the Capitol, when he is already a lawmaker and has his own constituents to attend to?

Is he again teasing Gwen? Is he trying to reignite their word war?

Osmeña should prioritize the welfare of his constituents by providing them basic services and projects through his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel.

Tomas is representative of a district in Cebu City.

Pinamungajan and Tuburan, meanwhile, are under the province’s third district whose representative is Pablo John Garcia. Let Pablo John solve that problem. Why should Tomas be expressing concern for the victims of Gwen's political vendetta? It's none of his business.

Will Osmeña also give south district barangays whose chiefs are not his allies in the Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan a fair shake? Will he be fair to opposition stalwart and Cogon Barangay Captain Eugenio “Jun” Gabuya? How will he treat Pasil Barangay Captain Romeo Ocarol, who shifted loyalty to Tomas’s opponent, Jonathan “Atan” Guardo, in the last election?

Instead of giving multicabs to Gwen's political enemies, Osmeña should prioritize his district’s barangays, whether their chiefs are his allies or not. Always remember the saying, Congressman Tom, that “charity begins at home.”


Businesswoman and philanthropist Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung called me up last Wednesday from Hong Kong to clarify what I wrote Monday about her appointment as chairperson of the Super Beautification Council, the super body organized by Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama.

Yeung said she was not appointed to the post because of Mike's rumored girlfriend, Joy Pesquera. Joy is also the legal counsel of MSY Holdings Inc., a company owned by Mariquita’s family.

Yeung said it was Mike who personally invited her to head the council.

She said she could not refuse Mike’s offer because she treats him like a brother. They have been friends for a long time now.

She said she accepted the job because she wants to contribute something to the city, being one of its residents. Mariquita owns a house in Nivel Hills, Lahug.

Yeung is appealing to Mike’s critics not to make an issue out of her closeness with Governor Garcia. She thanked the other council members who volunteered to help her in implementing her planned projects.

The group seeks to develop the entire Osmeña Blvd. stretch, including the Fuente Osmeña circle, into a world-class tourist attraction. Mariquita said that the function of the council does not overlap with that of the Parks and Playground Commission.

Let's wait for the council to start beautifying the city. Good luck, Madam MSY.