THERE’S something auspicious about Sarah Geronimo’s numbers that could probably be the cause of her instant ride to fame. Here are six facts about her staying power.

She was the 13th contender—last but not the least, actually—to the now-defunct talent search, Star for a Night, in 2003.

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As the grand prize victor of the show, she launched her debut album Popstar: A Dream Come True, which garnered seven platinum recognitions from the Philippine Association of the Record Industry.

To sustain being on top is another story. With intrigues about an inflated ego, a lousy acting performance, and a whirlwind-like romance, could she count on her lucky numbers to make it through the year?

Let’s count the ways:

COME ON, CHAMELEON. “I want to give my supporters more than just my usual birit (belt-out) style,” she says. Sarah has started to seriously venture into acting. “I always have to exert double effort when acting because it’s not ‘automatic’ to me.”

NO TO EGO. “I am the same girl. I am just thankful for all the opportunities that are coming my way. And, of course, all of these became possible because of God, and the fans who have supported me all these years,” she says, crediting the people behind her remarkable success.

CONCERT PRINCESS. Dubbed as the country’s Pop Princess, Sarah has had sold-out concerts here and abroad, including the most-celebrated “The Record Breaker” in Araneta Coliseum and was recorded live for a CD release. It was the same show she brought to Cebu on July 30, a Friday, at the Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Lahug.

STYLE MAGNET. Burberry London’s Autumn-Winter collection was flown in the Philippines for her first feature on a glossy medium where she was styled as a Gothic sophisticate with dark eye make-up.

ON KISSING JOHN LLOYD CRUZ. She says: “A lot of young people look up to me. It would not be a good example if they saw their Ate Sarah in a kissing scene.”

She continues: “I’m just this way. I don’t have pretensions. This is the way that I am, and this is what the public sees in me.”

GROWING WITH THE FLOW. “What I’ve observed is that in this business, there is a lot of pressure. I’m not going to deny that the peer pressure has affected me emotionally and mentally, but I’ve decided that I don’t have to mind whatever everyone else is doing. I can’t pretend I have more to give than I really can.”