TRAFFIC lights are sprouting like mushrooms all around Davao City. In national or provincial roads, their presence is noticeable.

The government of Davao City has approved the multi-million budget for this.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Many of us know that traffic lights ease traffic related problems and congestion. But it's ironic to see commuters and car motorists take longer hours in going to their destinations because of the newly installed traffic lights.

Vehicles need to stop whenever the light turns red even though the street is not yet so busy. For instance, one commuter who just came from his work in his office in the city hall took 45 minutes in going home considering that he is living only in Ecoland. If not because of the traffic lights lining up at the boulevard area, his travel would just take 15 minutes.

Compared to Manila, Davao City has lesser number of cars on the streets everyday. Traffic officers too were doing fine before the lights were installed in directing traffic. There was really no need for so many traffic lights to be installed.

Thus, it will help if the Davao City Police Office and the Traffic Management Control Board (TMCB) conduct surveys first about the traffic flow before putting up additional traffic lights on the city roads.

There are many other problems in the city that need more support from the government.