“ROSALKA” leading man Felix Roco doesn't mind discussing his family matters to public because all is well between him and dad Bembol Roco.

Felix said he already accepted the fact that his parents went separate ways and that now they are all living happily though in different homes.

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Felix is living with his mom Josephina and brother Dominic.

He shared that for the last four years his parents decided to separate, but they all made sure their mom will still live a comfortable life.

The actor said he is the one making sure that the electrical, water, and telephone bills are paid.

When asked on his dad, Felix said that though they are not talking daily on the telephone, they constantly text each other.

He said they are okay right now, citing he has moved on from all that had happen in the past. “I may have said some stuff noon na hindi tama pero ngayon okay na, matagal ng tanggap namin yun.”

Bembol reportedly has a girlfriend right now. When Felix was asked if he's okay to have another brother or sister, he admitted that sometimes he's thinking about it too.

“Pumapasok din sa utak ko yun, pero tanggapin na lang kung magkaroon kasi why would I get mad to something I shouldn't get mad at,” Felix added.

When asked if he's open that his mom will go out again on date, Felix is also okay with it but assures everyone that they are strict now than ever.

He revealed that he's shy to ask his mom if she's dating or seeing someone because it is something new for all of them.

“She's been through a lot and she deserves to be happy and its time naman na maging happy sya,” he said.

Felix even shared that his mom is his "one true love". (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)