A TOP official of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has strongly condemned Thursday's bomb attack that killed two people and injured 24 others at Zamboanga International Airport.

Lieutenant General Benjamin Mohammad Dolorfino, Western Mindanao Command (Wesmincom) chief, expressed his sympathy to the families of the victims of the powerful explosion.

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“The military highly condemns such attack and would do everything to help the police expedite the investigation to give justice to the victims,” Dolorfino said.

Dolorfino said the AFP and other law enforcement agencies vowed to exhaust all means to prevent such lawless violence in ensuing again.

The military sees the imperative appeal to the populace to be vigilant at all times stressing that security matters are not just a problem to be solve by the military and the police alone but also a concern of every citizenry, for it is civilian who are often the soft target of this bomb attack, Dolorfino said.

He disclosed that the AFP is now closely working with the police and local officials in the conduct of the investigation to determine the motive of the attack.

The city’s security efforts are now doubled than usual not only in the airport but to include other public places and establishments that are possible target for another attack.

“This incident again dealt set back to the city of Zamboanga to achieve peace and progress but the military and police remains committed to weed out such hindrance not only for the city’s development but especially for the safety of the people. Let us turn our fears to positive actions and stay safe,” Dolorfino stressed. (Bong Garcia)