I'M RATHER hung over from last weekend's treat of a Lettermen concert on home ground that I still think I'm going out of my head day and night. I'm incessantly humming about love and consolation and the hope to carry on, singing with faith in my heart, and just feeling sunshiny on a rainy Baguio day.

I love a good, well-put-together, professional, tight performance. The Lettermen concert in Baguio was all of that.

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Tickets said 8 p.m., and the front acting Cascades went on at about 8:30 or so, which is not too bad, though I would have preferred 8:15 at the latest. After we listened to the trademark rhythm of the falling rain and a number of other Cascade classics, there was a short break, and the lights were still out when a teasing, a cappella strain was heard - "... Dahil sa iyo, nais kong mabuhay ..."

A voice over introduced the famous trio, and they leapt onstage with what has been called that inimitable American energy... -- showtime!

The show was polished, well-scripted, and totally stupendous. The famous trio did not miss a note, musical or otherwise. They also skillfully played to our famous Filipino "heart," if you will, and tugged at its strings, even having a Tagalog section during the show. Their legendary harmonizing made us all swoon and fall in love with love all over again.

Their band was fantastic, their crew too. Lights were impressive. It looked to me like the show came up to Baguio with its own sound system, lights, and all the rest of it. Whether that was the case or not, local producers Waltrix must be commended for a job well done.

It was a treat, having the real deal serenading us with their greatest hits and their proverbial suave: "MacArthur's Park", "More", "If Ever I would Leave You", "Maria", to name a few.

I'm just missing "Cherish." Next time.