FOR once, the Roman Catholic Church and those pushing for the passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill are standing on common ground: opposing the legalization of abortion.

An organization lobbying for the RH bill expressed strong objection to the recent moves to legalize abortion in the country, saying it will not rightfully solve the problem on unwanted and unscheduled pregnancy.

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In a statement, the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD) said it is actually abortion that they want to avoid in pushing for the RH bill.

“The legal and culturally-sensitive approach in reducing maternal deaths is for women and couples to practice family planning, provide skilled birth attendants to every delivery, and establish basic and emergency obstetric cares,” said PLCPD Executive Director Ramon San Pascual.

“Legalization of abortion is not the right approach to address the increasing number of 11 mothers dying everyday due to pregnancy and pregnancy-related complications,” he pointed out.

Last week, some reproductive health and women's rights groups called on lawmakers to pass a law that would finally allow “safe and legal abortion” in the country.

Using the study of the New-York-based Center for Reproductive Rights titled “Forsaken Lives: The Harmful Impact of the Philippine Criminal Abortion Ban”, the groups said it is about time to allow abortion in the Philippines.

Church leaders vehemently denounced the call immediately saying legalizing abortion would be against the law of God and the land.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and the PLCPD have been perennial rivals in the issue of RH bill with the former describing it as being anti-life since it promotes artificial contraceptives. The Church only supports the natural family planning method.

The PLCPD then, vowed that they will never back any moves to legalize abortion in the country even though some of their partners in pushing for RH do so.

“Abortion is not part of PLCPD’s proposed measures on reproductive health and that the organization is not a part, and will not be a part, of any group that will call for the legalization of abortion in the Philippines,” said San Pascual.

The CBCP had already said the renewed moves to legalize abortion serves as a challenge to those pushing for the RH to prove that they are not in favor of abortion.(AMN/Sunnex)