AFTER the back-to-back win of Junjun "Tiger" Sabillo and Arthur "El Matador" Villanueva as Philippine minimumweight and Philippine flyweight champions, respectively, international promoters have expressed their interest in promoting the two warriors in bigger bouts.

Naris Singwangcha, a prominent international boxing promoter and real estate mogul in Thailand has personally talked with this writer on his desire to stage bigger fights for Villanueva and Sabillo. He also wanted them to be his adopted boxers and carry his name in their future fights. In return, he shall extend financial support and spend for the training of the two warriors from the Guanzon stable. Negotiations about the offer are being discussed between the Thai promoter and the Guanzon stable management.

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Another international promoter in the person of Sammy Gello-ani, an Ilonggo by birth, has expressed his willingness to promote possible cracks at regional and international belts for Sabillo and Villanueva. He told this writer about the positive feedback he has heard from boxing people who witnessed the Double Championship card held last Sunday at Casino Filipino in Goldenfield in Bacolod City.

With the sensational victories, the status of "Tiger" and "El Matador" has surged up rapidly in the international rankings. As per BoxRec.Com, Sabillo is ranked number 10 in the minimumweight division while Villanueva is ranked number 25.

In an interview with their manager Rev. Henry Guanzon, the low profile Pastor said he wants his two boxers to train harder and be patient. "I do not want to rush things. I want them to ripen in their fighting maturity. They still need to improve for them to be prepared for marquee fights. I am so proud they were able to grab their first belts after two years of hard work in the gym. I believe these boys will go a long way if they do not change their attitudes. Right now, we are planning to stage another fight for them during the Masskara Festival.

They can defend their belts or fight in a tune up match. Either way, it would be a sure action packed event."

Indeed, Villanueva, who hails from Ma-ao, Bago City and Sabillo who is a native of Toboso are the new provincial treasures of Negros Occidental. With their recent showing, they are indeed on the right track towards becoming world boxing champs in the near future. (for comments and suggestions, please send email at