PINOY sports will be among the highlights of this year's celebration of Kadayawan 2010.

Organized by the Association of Creative Artists Inc. (AOCAI), the Kite Association of the Philippines (KAT) and Team Spin Alliance, kite flying and yo-yo tourney will stage a colorful and exciting twist to this year's celebration of Davao City's premier festival.

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The competition will be held at Davao City national High School on Sunday August 22. Registration of participants starts 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Kite flying competition opens 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon while yoyo starts 2:30 p.m.

"Our objective is revitalize or bring back Davaoeneos love for Filipino sports and activities which has been part of our culture but seemed virtually unknown among youth nowadays," said AOCAI founder Benedict Marfori.

Yoyo was popularized by Filipino immigrant and entrepreneur Pedro Flores when he commercially produced this handmade toy in 1928 in California, Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Playing yoyo promotes hand dexterity and mental alertness, Marfori said.

Kite flying may have originated from China but it has long been part of Filipino culture. There were even OPM (Orginal Pilipino Music) songs dedicated to the toy.

"There are many benefits in playing kite. It encourages one to go out and enjoy nature, looking up to the skies and playing with the wind has relaxing effect," said Carlito A. Perez who owns Carlo's Kites on V. Mapa St.

He said it also enhances creativity and thinking skills of the youth and it develops team spirit. Perez is KAP member known for his Dragon Kite.

For details of the competition, interested participants may contact 09223253119 or 09213127026 or visit Creative Arts Workshop, G&L Building, Bonifacio St., corner Anda St. (PR)