THE beauty of the world is characterized by the presence of the healthy and beautiful flora and fauna in the area.  God created a world for us to live in and enjoy. He made it so beautiful and bountiful that man’s work was only to preserve and care for them. This world has been ornamented by God with all the wondrous creatures, both small and great.                

Man, with all his intelligence and greatness, started to look for things that could change the beautiful world.  He invented gadgets that could kill animals. He devised caged houses for the creatures. He even invented tools that could preserve lifeless creatures. Today, in collaboration with the capitalists of the first world, they are destroying the environment and the habitat of the creatures. Now, we are faced by a great problem of scarcity of natural resources.

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Animals are creatures that are greatly affected by the changes in the environment. Coal-fired power plant, nuclear power plant, industrial wastes and construction of new buildings and housing projects are culprits of the destruction of the environment.  The limited area of our creatures had also declined their growth and population.  They have signaled us of a great destruction in our environment.  Take note of the frogs, they have become thin and small than those in the past.                

Why are we losing the beautiful animals and creatures? This was the question posted by my daughter as I told her of the beautiful zoo of her uncle in La Castellana.  She asked me about the animals that she found in the pictures.  After I told her that some of these are already extinct and some are near extinction, She asked for more reasons why these animals becoming extinct. I told her that it is man that is doing all these.                

I; Recollect Religious Brother Tagoy Jakosalem, OAR; and UNO-R student, Donson Sadava went to La Castellana last Friday to ask for a little exhibit of the birds at UNO-R during the University Week. However, we found out that the birds get so much stress when they travel. So, we dropped the idea of having a bird show at UNO-R.                 

Caring for nature is everybody’s work and obligation.  This should be the concern of everyone.  Every rational creature should be of help to the irrational creatures.  Mining, hunting, gaming, quarrying and logging are causes of the destruction of the Flora and fauna in the area. Soon, we can no longer see any bird flying over the skies. We will no longer hear the beautiful songs of the birds or the melodious croaks of toads and frogs. Shall we allow this to happen?                

Destruction of habitat is destruction of the future’s habitat too. We have to think of our future. What we have enjoyed should be enjoyed by the future generations. The colorful flora and fauna were created not for us but for all to appreciate the goodness of God. This generation had been so selfish and greedy that we are not thinking of the coming generations.                

Tito Elik Feria – Divino and his passion of saving the future by educating the present generation came up with a zoo in la Castellana. When I was small I would usually go to their house in Bacolod and watch the big sea turtle and crocodile for hours. I had the love and passion for creatures because of my experience in the house of Lola Harriet.  Now, Tito Elik has a zoo at the center of the town of La Castellana. His collection of the exotic and domesticated animals will give one the idea of how God loves the world. It will also give one a feeling of remorse for these creatures will no longer be there afterwards.                

One thing that I liked best in the zoo was that Tito Elik gave importance to people who are going there. He and his staff give time to explain and connect the animals with the environment.  The next time one is having a visit in Negros, I would recommend that one visits the zoo at La Castellana.                

It is a collective effort to save the environment.                

St. Ezekiel Moreno, Pope John Paul II and Sir Faraon Lopez, pray for us.                

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