THE Dental Express Diagnostics, Inc. (DENTEX) offers the first revolutionary digital radiographic 3D imaging machine in Cebu—PaX- Reve3D.

Located at Cebu-Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce along J. Llorente St., Capitol Site, Cebu City, DENTEX center provides top-of-the-line approaches and services in diagnosing eyes, ears, nose and teeth (EENT)-related problems.

For accurate, precise, and faster, CBCT, panoramic and cephalometric radiograph, DENTEX offers the revolutionary 3D dental imaging machine, PaX-Reve3D.

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The dental CT is a product of the world’s leading dental imaging company, Vatech.

Revolutionizing the digital radiographic 3D imaging, the ultimate CT features the largest Free FOV for 3-in-1, secures the best image quality, reduces X- ray dosage with pulsed scan type, patient monitory video system, one shot Cephalometric system, user-friendly function, EzRecon-short reconstruction time and has a modern, elegant, ergonomic design.

The most important aspect of the PaX-Reve3D is that it gives the best image quality. With its design to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and quality of treatment, PaX-Reve3D’s unique image processing system raises the level of x- ray imaging.

To obtain ideal 3D images, Vatech’s newly developed Metal Artifact Remove Technology (MAR Technology) in PaX-Reve3D minimizes artifacts providing excellent image quality, offering superior diagnostics to modern dentistry.

With its pulsed type generator, it reduces radiation by 40 to 60 percent so it has extremely low x-ray dosage.

To eliminate poor images due to incorrect patient positioning, it has Adaptive Layer Mode Panoramic Tomography (AMPT) which acquires and selects the optimal image automatically from a series of panoramic images captured.

Furthermore, the PaX-Reve3d has the most advanced cephalometric system producing high resolution images using Flat Panel x- Ray Detector (FPXD technology).

Its One Shot Cephalometric System provides the best image with the least x- ray radiation dosage, high sensitivity and short exposure time. It has exceptional design and special features which are camera and voice communication, touch panel LCD, accessories box, dual speed vertical movement and perfect wheelchair. (KGC)