THE opening last Sunday of three galleries at the Museo Sugbo partly became an occasion to reminisce about things that happened during the regime of the late Ferdinand Marcos.

The catalyst was the presence of former first lady and now Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, she of the three thousand pairs of shoes fame and a collection of jewelry worth millions of pesos.


During her speech, Marcos claimed that she led the nation in the pursuit of “the true, the good and the beautiful.”

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This was in keeping with Sunday’s theme, which revolved around the Museo Sugbo, a facility devoted to the mementos of the province’s cultural past.

During the occasion, three new galleries were opened, among them one about the Cebu media industry and its practitioners.

Marcos praised the first woman governor of Cebu for initiating the preservation of Cebu’s art and culture in a place that has also its own history.

She noted that while the value of other material things may diminish over the years, or entirely disappear, the arts and culture of a people not only appreciate in value but become a lasting heritage.


Marcos recalled how she was drawn to construct the Cultural Center of the Philippines. She said she initially thought of it as an entry point in her participation in governance.

It was her way of becoming involved in nation-building. It later on became a pursuit for the preservation of our cultural heritage, or of the “good and the beautiful” in our life as a people.

Marcos’s speech was a tribute to Gov. Gwen Garcia, who in many ways mirrored her (Imelda’s) struggle to collect and preserve our cultural heritage as a people.

During the affair, Capitol even gave awards to three barangays and three towns of the province for their efforts to preserve Cebuano heritage in their areas.

The Museo Sugbo welcomes donations of personal and public mementos of our cultural and historical past, things that would remind us of the experiences of the people in their journey through time.