THE regional office of Land Transport Franchise Regulatory Board (LTFRB) in Davao Region announced the suspension of franchise application for taxicabs and buses.

LTFRB-Davao Region head Edgar Violan said this action simply follows the memorandum order coming from central office ordering the suspension of all franchise applications so the department could review, update, and amend some of the policies on the matter.

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Violan warned those bogus sellers who sway individuals to buy new units since LTFRB opens many slots for franchise.

"Our office currently suspends the application until the central office lifts the order." he said.

LTFRB pegged to accommodate 4,500 taxi units to operate in the city. There are now 4,100 units registered with LTFRB. The remaining, however, will temporarily remain vacant until the head office signals a go for franchise application.

Violan also clarified that no one is being promised by the office to be in the waiting list or in a priority list.

The regional official cannot say this early if the application for more taxi and bus franchise will still be continued.

Violan dismissed reports that the office continues to accept franchise applications since there are plenty of new taxi units seen operating in the city.

"The reason why there are plenty of new units these days is because of the policy requiring them to change old units into new ones," he said.