TO MAKE sure there are no existing ordinances and policies that will run counter to the agreement on establishing the Enterprise Development Unit (EDU), Gov. Gwen Garcia said she will issue an executive order asking all local government units (LGUs) in the province to review their current measures.

Garcia yesterday signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (Bfar) to establish an EDU in each LGU, in compliance with a national policy laid out by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources under Bfar.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Garcia, in her press conference, said she will task the provincial legal office to coordinate with LGUs to review policies or come up with an arrangement to see to it that all LGUs are involved in encouraging economic activity in the protection and preservation of coastal and marine resources.

Sustainable, effective system

The EDU, she said, may set up a sustainable and effective system of protecting and maintaining the rich biodi-versity of the province’s coastal and marine resources.

Provincial Board (PB) Member Arleigh Sitoy, who had been apprehensive the EDU may run counter to their own ordinance in Cordova town, attended the MOA signing.

He explained there was nothing personal when he questioned the governor’s authority to enter into an agreement. He was just asking questions about the EDU and the MOA in general.

‘Constructive fiscalizer’

“It’s for the good of Cebu,” he said, saying he asked the questions as a “constructive fiscalizer.”

He, however, admitted he still needs to get a copy of the Integrated Coastal Resource Management Project (ICRMP), which he believes is the basis in creating the EDU.

He brought up the issue again during their session last Monday.

But PB Member Alex Binghay, sponsor of the resolution granting Garcia the authority to sign the MOA, said Sitoy was familiar with the ICRMP because he is a former mayor of Cordova.

Other MOAs

Sitoy did not reply to Binghay’s statement during the session.

Interviewed after the MOA signing, Sitoy said he’s still waiting to get a copy of the ICRMP.

Also yesterday, Capitol signed four other MOAs with Pfizer for the Kasama Card, donation of 42 wheelchairs to district hospitals from Rotary Club of Mandaue-North, Bugasan sa Kababayen-an and the Cebu Marine Animal Rescue Network.