AS CAGAYAN de Oro is fast becoming a highly urbanized city, new buildings are constructed every now and then while government projects are sprouting like mushrooms, a proof that development is certainly in this side of the country.

With the construction of more buildings, the demand for top quality construction materials is also high.

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William Sumalinog, regional head for Mindanao of Holcim Philippines Inc., said

Holcim is offering products that can guarantee top quality at the same time give more savings to those in the construction business.

“In choosing Holcim products, we guarantee long-lasting foundation and big savings to our consumers. As the leading cement company worldwide, we are producing high quality cement products and aggregates in all 70 countries where we operate. Our vision is to build foundations for society’s future that is easy on the budget as we continue to come up with better products that are world-class yet inexpensive,” Sumalinog said.

He said to help consumers save on cement, Holcim has come up with a new innovation in construction style.

“Before, construction firms use ordinary cement as the basic foundation, which might possibly result to cracks on the wall. Because of this, repairs need to be done thus giving additional expenses. But this time, we recommend using two combined products of Holcim -- Excel and Wallright -- giving consumers savings for as much as 15 percent on their cement needs,” Sumalinog said.

He said in ordinary mixing, about 100 bags of general purpose cement will be needed but if Holcim Excel and Wallright are used for structural applications

(concrete floor slabs, columns, beams, walls and pavement) and non-structure application (hollow blocks laying and filling), only 54 bags of Holcim Excel and

32 bags of Holcim Wallright would be used, giving the consumers savings of around 14 bags of cement.

Holcim Excel is a premium quality general purpose cement in a special formulation of Portland cement with advanced mineral additives, sold for only

P225 (suggested retail price).

Sumalinog said its primary application is for the construction of concrete floor slabs, columns, beams, walls, pavement and concrete hollow block production.

“It gives higher strength and reduces construction time, higher yield with less cost concrete hollow block. It also improves workability to eliminate unnecessary repair and rework, and improved chloride and sulfate resistance that produces durable and longer-lasting structures,” he said.

Sumalinog said Holcim Wallright, sold at P220, is a good combination for Excel since it is a “masonry cement” for hollow block laying and filling, plastering and finishing that has superior bond strength, increased water retention and smoother texture compared to ordinary cement applied as finish.

“It is a masonry cement specifically developed to have superior bond strength and high workability which makes plastering application easier and faster. This allows easy placement and better bonding for hollow block laying and improves quality of surface finish compared to ordinary cement,” he said.

Sumalinog said 65 percent of construction firms now prefer Holcim products.

“What made us different from other brands is that all of our facilities must meet the highest technological standards and environmental efficiency. The main core of our business is to be eco-friendly, producing more cement while using fewer resources and producing less waste and pollution. But we aim to continuously improve our performance and also balance the ecosystem,” Sumalinog said.

On Friday, Holcim Philippines opened a new warehouse and office at Corrales

Extension, this city, which, according to Sumalinog, is really a big convenience to their regular clients as they would no longer go to their plant in Lugait town, Misamis Oriental.