THIS is a reaction to the news headline, "LT dads to block mayor's dung AO", published at the Sun.Star issued on August 9, 2010.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

For the reliable information of the Honorable Municipal Councilors of La Trinidad, please be aware that majority of the Indigenous Ibaloi-residences of barangay Shilan are presently happy to enjoy a conducive atmosphere, as a favorable effect of the Mayor's Administrative Order against Chicken Dung trade in Shilan. While there are few land-owners of trading areas and some komboys together with non-residential chicken dung truckers, dealers and traders, who are agitating on their illegal chicken dung multi-million business, the sympathizing Municipal Mayor considers more significant health of the Shilanders, rather than the wealth of outsiders, to prevail in a conducive place for abode.

In behalf of the Indigenous Shilanders, we are very grateful with the Municipal Mayor's Administrative Order, prohibiting the illegal chicken dung trading that had been a prolonged agony of barangay Shilan. We further pray for the irrevocable ending of the said nuisance busines to finally rest in peace.

Thanks God, that the La Trinidad Municipal Mayor is a lawyer, who respects the competent court decision and adheres to the court order. The Mayor's Administrative Order is a legal action, in compliance to the dormant Court Order, but appropriate measure to resolve the perennial problem on hand. In manifesting equitable delivery of desirable public service and social justice for all, the Municipal Mayor, Atty Gregorio Abalos, Jr. issued the Administrative Order, to uphold and implement the competent court decision, declaring the illegal chicken dung business as a public nuisance that further prohibits the chicken dung trades along the National Highway from Tomay to Shilan, La Trinidad.

The La Trinidad Municipal Councilors who decided to block mayor's dung AO, are just wanting to humanize the law, in order to appease the well-being of the aggrieved electorates, without considering the general welfare and public convenience of the whole populace. On the other hand, if these LT dads are really sincere to circumvent the law in their favor, why not establish their desired chicken dung trading post in their respective territorial jurisdiction, for them to experience free perfume from chicken dung.