VENDORS who peddle coffee, food and those who offer services like manicure and pedicure at Burnham Park were reminded that their operation will be bound by regulations.

Presiding over the meeting of the Alay sa Kalinisan Inc. (Aski), Mayor Mauricio Domogan instructed the City Environment and Parks Management Office to monitor peddlers and remind them to dress neatly.

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He said their attire must conform to their being part of the tourism industry.

For manicurists and pedicurists, Domogan reiterated the equipment they use for cleaning nails must be sanitized to prevent infection.

Domogan also ordered newly-appointed City Police Director David Lacdan to assign police who will regulate the number of peddlers in Burnham.

Using past census, Domogan said police should determine how many vendors could roam around park at a given time.

If the number proves to be more than what it could accommodate, he said a scheme should be devised to control the number. (Rimaliza Opiña)