LBC, the country's leading courier company, marks its 60th year by introducing its newest arm, LBC Express-Solutions, to handle specialized business requirements that go beyond on-time pick-up and delivery.

The new arm taps into LBC's portfolio of services and creates customized solutions packages that meet a client's unique needs.

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In line with this development, LBC has launched its sea cargo service as an initial expansion from the retail market to the corporate market.

"LBC has been an industry leader for 60 years. LBC Express-Solutions is the natural direction for the company to take," said Mike Camahort, LBC Express-Solutions President.

He explains that after years of building resources to expedite deliveries to the Filipino retail market all over the world, LBC is ready to embark and expand- providing solutions for complex transport requirements.

Even as LBC's market for its services expands, the company will continue what it has done successfully for decades.

"After all, LBC is already a household name with decades of fast, trustworthy and reliable service behind its brand. So it will continue to link and bridge the nation through deliveries of documents, parcels, money, and cargo via air, land or sea," Camahort said.

Since the 1950s, the name LBC has been synonymous to speed, reliability and responsive customer service given its widest area coverage of over 900 branches in the Philippines and 90 branches in 12 countries overseas including the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, UAE, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Spain, and Australia.

Camahort said this worldwide network only bolsters the fact that LBC is not only the country's leading courier company but also one of the biggest names in the industry.

LBC Express-Solutions ensures that clients get a complete logistics package that exceeds their levels of expectation. In this manner, customers will see for themselves how the operational process design created for them by LBC

Express-Solutions will fit their business. With an efficient logistics system in place, customers can now focus on growing their business.

LBC Express-Solutions provides a wide range of services, from deliveries of NSO documents, passports and visas to SOAs, credit cards, domestic sea freight, loose cargo and full container loads; to international shipment of documents and parcels.

"LBC Express-Solutions is also focusing on SMEs - and we express our support for their growth through our logistics capabilities," Camahort added.

LBC Express-Solutions is focused on offering process improvements that improves and smoothens the progress of SMEs. As these SMEs grow, so does the economy, resulting in more jobs, more goods being sold, more income and more purchasing power.

LBC Express-Solutions aims to be an integral part of its partners' growth through a ripple-effect of benefits resulting from its existing web of services, equipment, expertise, personnel, hardware and software.

"The company has invested in top of the line, international standard equipment that can sort 24 thousand units of documents in one hour. This makes LBC the first and only company in the Philippines to operate equipment that will cater to customers' bulk mail needs. This is a competitive advantage both to LBC and its partners," said Achilles Reyes, vice president-solutions.

Another example is the recently launched LBC Express-Solutions sea cargo services that allow customers to ship out to key cities like Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and General Santos within a defined lead time.

LBC serves Filipinos around the world and provides a means to reach them globally.

"LBC Express Solutions has established partners that can address the international requirements of our customers," said Ramil J. Aceveda, VP-Solutions.

Camahort added that in a changing world with many challenges, LBC Express-Solutions is the company's way of changing with the times.

"We will evolve together with the needs of our corporate clients. It's what is expected from a trusted, reliable business partner and an industry leader like

LBC," he said. (PR)