WHEN I was a kid I had a 35 gallon fish tank at home and in it were five big tiger Oscars. It was very beautiful and clean because of the very good aerator and filter that I had. Everyday, I would spend an hour or so in front of the tank and looking at the slow swimming fishes. A friend of mine told me that with the aerator, I could increase the number of fishes in the aquarium. So, with an experimental mind, I added more fishes in the tank and added more air stones and filter. One morning, I woke up with all the fishes on the top of the rank with their bellies on top. They were all dead. The culprit, the aerator just blew off and all the fishes were electrocuted. The lesson I learned is never trust the unnatural sources of life.

Today, we are confronted by another threat to our future. The Province and the City agreed on having a coal-fired power plant in the island to sustain the power/electricity needs of the island. I agree that we need to upgrade our source of power but the alternatives being presented pose a great imminent danger to the future generation.

It is most immoral if we adhere to the principle that we are ready to sacrifice future generations for today's convenience. Today's convenience at the expense of the future is never an option but a selfish decision. The government should protect not only what is today but shall also have foresight of the future.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The Provincial Governor and some of his advisers tell the Negrenses that there is nothing wrong with having a coal-fired power plant. He argues that this is cheaper than what we having today and it is environmental-friendly. I am pretty sure that the Governor gets his ideas from people who are running the show also. Thus, the data fed to him must all be positive. I know he will argue that there are also environmentalists in his group that are better than the radical once. He may also claim that he even have scientists. I congratulate him and his staff for having these experts. Philosophers had always reminded men that experts are not always correct. Some have even non-pragmatic opinions yet claim to be scientists. Anyway, we cannot blame the governor but we can do something.

Looking at all angles on the operation of the coal-fired power plant, we cannot close our eyes and shut our ears to the health and environmental hazard that it will bring upon us. Any unnatural process will always result to a very destructive side effect. Even the traditional source of power has caused a great hole on the Ozone and the atmosphere. The geothermal plants have allegedly caused the drying up of our water systems. Many more ways have destroyed our environment in the name of convenience.

The present issue of quarrying in the city is one that will have a long-lasting effect to our dying environment. Instead of looking for ways to save the world, many are poisoning it. We have to bear in mind that this is the only earth we have nothing more. Once we destroy it, where will we live?

As stewards of the earth, we shall look for ways, radical or traditional in stopping the capitalists from further inflicting wounds to our beloved planet. Even the authorities must often be reminded that the amount that they get from business deals with evil companies could never pay the hazard and destruction that it has caused our land. I pray that the decision of our dear officials be pure and untainted that future generations shall remember them as leaders who worked for the future and not worked to fatten their pockets and bellies.

I register a vehement NO to coal fired power plant in Negros!!!

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Belated Happy Birthday to the Bishop of the Poor, the late Bishop Antonio Y. Fortich.

Pope John Paul II, Bishop Fortich, Sir Faraon Lopez and St. Ezekiel Moreno, pray for us.