THE Dynamic Metals 2006/07/08 remained unbeaten after defeating Batch 2001/02, 92-79 as Legends triumphed over Macho Squad 2003/04/05/06, 86-76 as the battle continues in the ongoing 3rd SJI Alumni Basketball Friendship Cup at the Msgr. John B. Liu Activities Center.

Metals had a 47-42 halftime lead with Jeremy Coo and Ledesma pouring with 9 pts., apiece alongside Windsor Taneo and Raymund Lacson combined 14 points to keep a 5-point advantage against Batch 2001/02 which was led by Jan Jan Guevarra who had 11 pts., Ton Ton Chua and Ralph Ong with 7 pts. apiece and Robert Genovea with 6 pts.

With the troika of Axel Yao, Edrem Sansing and Alvin Dionela combined for 22 pts. in the quarter which Dynamic extended the lead to 77-60.

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Dynamic used an explosive transition offense to score easy baskets while its full court press rattled Batch 2001/02 that resulted to several turnovers.

Sansing finished with 17 pts. including 5 triples leading all Dynamic scorers while backing him were Dionela 11 pts., Taneo, Yao, Coo and Ledesma with 9 pts. apiece.

Meanwhile, Robert Genovea delivered 14 pts. to anchor Batch 2001/02. Other top finishers were Guevarra 13, Chua 12 and Ralph Ong 9.

On the other hand, the Legends falling behind by 9-0 at the opening quarter has took the led from start to finish outscoring their younger opponents for the first 3 quarters.

The inside-outside game of the Legends went into an early full swing as the Macho squad unable to stop the inside incursions of Raymund Andrade who went strong for his 11 pts. while former University of La Salle Stinger Daniel Chiu provided the outside firepower with his 10 pts .Macho squad , meanwhile, was forced to rely on their outside shots led by Keith Banzon who garnered 11 pts. and Christopher Mahinay with 5 pts.

Chiu added 8 more pts. in the quarter while Andrade and Atong Villanueva with 4 pts. apiece to continue to score down low to extend the Legends' lead at the half to 49-40 as the Macho continued to have more successful attacks from the outside led by Banzon who nailed 8 points.

Andrade and Villanueva continued to hold their own in the shaded area as they combined for 10 pts. to push Legends advantage to 68-54.

Chiu and Andrade had pushed hard to get their points plus the timely hits of Jose Tan Jr. as the lead ballooned to 20 pts. Joel Bacabac and Carlos Evangelista led a rally resulting from the Legends' turnovers but time was not on their side as they fell to their 4th loss in the tourney.

Andrade and Chiu paced the Legends with 25 and 23 pts., Villanueva added 10 pts., Ashley Maximo 9, Jose Tan Jr. 7 and Anthony Tajonera 5.

Keith Banzon fired 14 pts. leading the Macho Squad 2003/04/05/06 while supported by Bacabac 10 pts., Michael Sian and Evangelista added 9 pts. apiece, Kevin Banzon 8, Mahinay 5 pts.