MINOR offenders, under our laws, are often spared incarceration because of their minority and, instead, are taken into custody by social welfare offices of the government.

Their victims or their relatives often object to such treatment and ask that the juvenile offenders be punished, yes, according to law. They lament the fact that these minor violators easily get away from their dastardly deeds, only to commit infractions repeatedly, knowing fully well that they can get off the hook later on and all because the law allows them easy, safe escape.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Generally speaking, the age of discernment is up to fifteen years, if my basic knowledge of Philippine law will support me. I submit that the age bracket is encompassing, as even some nine-year old kids are, at this age of modern technology, already alert and discerning. More so, a fifteen year-old kid who has been exposed to society's shenanigans at such an early age.

The law bearing on disposition of cases involving minors should be revisited and the age bracket of discernment scrutinized so as to give justice to victims of minor offenders. Minority, as a defense, and as scapegoat for young offenders should be viewed, reviewed and amended, if need be, so as to correct an anomaly or inequality in the handling of cases versus juvenile delinquents.

I should commend Mabalacat's Social Welfare and Development office headed by Lapurisima P. Gomez and ably assisted by Zhai Maglalang, Apung Viring and Pidiang, Otey and Zeny Reyes for their efforts in reining in solvent or rugby boys in coordination with the local PNP (Diego Deocera) and Dau barangay tanods. You definitely deserve the support of the local government unit officials headed by Mayor Boking Morales and of the people of the town.

Oops, I'd like to make it up to Liezl Pascual, the industrious and pleasant-looking clerk at the DILG Mabalacat office and whose name I missed out in my last column regarding the attendees in the Subic seminar-workshop. Ok na ha, Liezl?

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Here's valuable info for Grade 6 or 7 pupils from the Philippine Science High School, Central Luzon campus, for SY 2011-2012: the school is now open for scholarships which package includes free tuition fee, free loan of textbooks and monthly stipend and other allowances.

The students should belong to the upper 10% of their classes and obtained at least a grade of 85% in Science or Math. Good friend Warren gave me these additional data: application forms may be obtained at the PSHS Central Luzon campus at Clark Polytechnic compound, Clark Freeport Zone with telephone number (045) 893-4357, e mail address: lthabacon@pshs.edu.ph and website: www.pshs.edu.ph.

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Coming from Peso Mabalacat: More job opportunities await job seekers for overseas slots. Last wednesday, officers from TUEM International Manpower Corporation came to interview applicants of various skills for Tripoli, Libya, Qatar and Romania. A recruitment officer from Gulf Horizon also came to get resumes of janitors or utility workers for Saudi Arabia. She will soon report on the status of these applicants.

On August 17, YWA Human Resource will make bio data selection on Guam job aspirants. Hopefully, this much-awaited and anticipated project will finally push through, after so much time waiting, the main reason given by authorities for the delay in deployment being financial in nature. Now, who can dictate on the United States on matters of financial concerns? So, applicants need to wait a little longer.