ANGELES CITY -- The Barangay Council of Balibago led by Barangay chief Rodelio "Tony" Mamac started a series of meetings Tuesday with the Rotary Club of Balibago for the institutionalization of the "Most Outstanding Residents of Balibago Awards."

According to Rotary Club of Balibago President Roger Santos, the awards aim to recognize the various achievements of the local residents here in various fields of endeavor. Santos said residents who have been successful in their respective careers and have contributed to the development of their respective communities in the said barangay are potential awardees.

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"We want to popularize this event as a prestigious annual celebration so that we could honor the achievements of our locals here and make them as potential role models for the youth of Balibago. This event aims to show that Balibago is not just a business district but a village of many talented individuals," Santos said.

Santos said categories for the awards range from education, science, business and religion, but Santos stressed that contribution to the development of Balibago society and their immediate community is a major criteria for the awards, which is expected to be held this coming December in time for the feast day of the barangay. Santos said that their organization will be leading in the formal organization and implementation of the event along with the barangay council.

Santos said that Balibago is not just the commercial and business district. It is also home to many talented and civic-minded Angeleños.

Meanwhile, Mamac, for his part, said a competent search committee from the private sector will be tasked to look for penitential awardees based from recommendations and nominations of individuals and institutions. Mamac said that the awards will be discussed in the barangay council and will be institutionalized, if possible, as an annual occasion.

"This event will bring together residents of Balibago coming from different fields and honor them for their achievements and contribution to society," Mamac said.