EVEN drug courier activities are now going online, said Philippine Ambassador to Thailand Linglingay Lacanlale.

Lacanlale said their ongoing review of drug trafficking activities have shown that some of the victims met their would-be victimizers in Internet chat rooms.

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“Initially, the victimizer will pretend to be a potential lover or boyfriend. After weeks of internet chatting, the victimizer invites the Filipina to visit him in Thailand,” the official added.

“Once the Filipina agrees, the victimizer sends a plane ticket and a letter of invitation. It is usually on the Filipina's second or third return to Thailand, when her confidence has probably been won over by the potential boyfriend, that the victimizer allegedly begins his modus operandi of using the Filipina as a drug mule,” she added.

With this, the RP envoy renewed the warning to Filipinos against being used in drug mule business as possession of narcotics is considered a grave offense in Thailand.

“We warn our countrymen not to accept packages which they suspect are drugs. If they are caught carrying illegal drugs, they will face very dire consequences,” said Lacanlale.

Just last August 2, a 32-year-old Filipina was held by operatives of the Thai Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport for allegedly trying to smuggle 4.16 kilograms of cocaine.

The Filipina was reportedly en route to Vietnam from Lima, Peru and that she was only in Thailand waiting for her connecting flight when she was apprehended by authorities.

It is unknown however if the victim was recruited using this modus operandi, said Lacanlale. (AMN/Sunnex)