A SULU mayor denied on Thursday that one of the suspects in Zamboanga International Airport bombing last August 5 is one of his followers.

According to a television report, Adong Salahuddin is a follower Banguingui Mayor Abdulwahid Sahidulla, but the mayor denied it.

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Police has identified Salahuddin as the companion of Reynaldo Apilado and Hatimil Haron Yacob, the two suspects who died in the blast.

Salahuddin was reportedly with the two suspects when they left the Imperial Hotel few hours before the August 5 bombing.

Sahidulla said he doesn't have any follower by the name of Salahuddin or a resident in his municipality (formerly known as Tongkil) of a person with the same name.

The mayor called on the police to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the people who are really involved last week's bombing.

Sahidulla said he and Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan are in good terms and had even talked just after the incident.

Tan and a British national were among the 24 people who were wounded blast. The governor initially claimed that he was the target of the bombing. (Bong Garcia)