BAGUIO alone as a center of sports in the north has produced numerous athletes, who excelled in the national and international sports realm. Some opted to be guideposts of knowledge and skill for the continuous development of athletes.

Coupled with their sacrificing time, money, and effort, we’ve seen numerous achievements gained by our local athletes for our city in fulfillment of their vision for sports excellence sending their message to resonate their thanks and their longing for more support from the City sports authorities.

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The endless problems and dreary expectations for support to facilitate sports development in the City by local athletes and coaches’ is an unending and mind-numbing quandary that makes them no less than apprehensive to think of asking the City sports authorities, they look for other alternatives for their cause. It is a fact that the City’s sports budget is not in parity with what is needed for sports development that even making programs and activities will be sighted as nil for the unsatisfied stakeholders.

The reason behind such understanding is that they want these undertakings to be communicated clearly, productively, and continually, to ease their feeling of being superfluous, which affects their attitudes towards the issues. In most cases, they become compromising, in asking help from sports authorities feeling that they are flawed, after all they are rational human beings. These makes them display a rather “plus-minus” attitude in approaching sports authorities for support, having reasons like; “We’re going to do this with or without you” or “We sure would like you to help us do this” or “We can’t do this without you” these are frequent reasoning approaches to either inspire or motivate people to help them to gain the wanted support.

The plight of our local athletes is visibly mute and academic, in Baguio and elsewhere it is understood that given the budget for sports development, will not suffice to support all the needed sports development programs. Although, keeping up with the issues is a tedious task, sports authorities who are the informational conduits, and the authority that usually makes end meet, at the very least finds a way to align themselves with the issues at hand. But, sad to say, some are not ready emotionally, intellectually, or professionally to set up or embrace the problem and help make solutions, it is as if athletes’ are always at their mercy.

Mitigating factors always abound the athlete, less the fact that they now that their vision and goal is continually before them, and they know that this will not be achieved without their own efforts, is what keeps them going. Instead of sulking or complaining they usually ignore or abandon and adapt themselves to the problems at hand. Although annoying, the most positive response to the athletes’ is to go beyond championing it and adding value to it. Not everyone gets the opportunity to add value to their visions and goals, because the prerequisite to have the opportunity to do it is vested in the athlete, that is championing the vision and goal as it already exist. (Sports Psychology)