A FATHER and his child were having a conversation while playing a round of golf.

Child: Dad, I'm fifteen already, can I start wearing a bra?

Dad: No you cannot!

Child: But Dad, all my friends wear a bra already, why can't I?

Dad: Stop it JOSEPH, or I will throw you into that pond!

They say golf is an expensive sport. Yes, it is. But playing golf in the Philippines is much cheaper than playing golf in Japan and Korea, and a few other countries in Asia. And playing golf in Davao is cheaper compared to playing golf in Manila. Despite the cost of playing golf, if you still want to play, Davao is perfect for you, well, at least, for me, it is.

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One of the expenses that some players incur in golf is golf car rental. FYI, in Apo Golf and Country Club, the rate for golf car rental, whether local or tourist, is P784. In Davao City Golf Club, if I'm not mistaken, it is P500. In Rancho Palos Verdes -- for local guests, the rate is P767.19; and for foreign guests, it is P1,095.98.

If you have your own golf car and leave it at the club, the garage fee for Apo Golf Club is P400 per month. At Rancho Palos Verdes, the garage fee is P500 per month. And when you buy gasoline for your golf car, I know that P100 worth of gas is enough for a full round of golf.

Let us compute. If you have your own golf car, and you play 2-3 times a week, roughly 12 times a month-- 100 (gas) times 12 (games) plus 500 (garage fee), that amounts to around P1,700 a month additional expense.

If you rent a golf car, let us round it off to P700.00 per day--700 times 12 (games) equals P8,400 a month additional expense. If you share a golf car with someone, cut it into half, you spend P4,200 a month.

For P8,400 a month, wait, let us lower it down a bit, let's make it P700 times only 8 games a month equals P5,600 times 12 months, you get a total of P67,000 a year on golf car rental alone. With this amount, or maybe a little more than this, you can already buy a second hand golf car. And if you would like to share expenses with a regular golf buddy, divide that into two, that makes it P33,600 each. Add a little money to buy a better second hand golf car, and there you go, you save money, plus you have yourself your own personal golf car. Still want to rent, or would you rather buy your own second hand golf car? Just a thought from me, and I'm known to be thrifty.

I have another suggestion -- WALK! It's a great way to exercise. Happy golfing!

The Rotary Club of North Davao presents the 8th Taliban Open Golf Classis held at Rancho Palos Verdes last August 7 and 8. Congratulations to the winners. They are as follows:

Overall gross champion - Monchit Mackay/James Noel Morente

Overall net champion - Dado Mahipus/Al Dayot

Division A champion - Joe Tesado/Dennis Capa

Division B champion - Dodong Rizon/Rey Santos

Division C Champion - Kang Ho Bong/Chon Young Rung

Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Kadayawan Golf Cup held last August 7 and 8 at Apo Golf & Country Club. They are as follows:

Overall Champion - Anthony Sasin/Benhur Villarosa

Class A gross champion - Alimar Etrone/Toffee Tionko

Class B Gross Champion - John Saavedra/George Martinez

Class C gross champion - Fortunato Uy/Efren Marquez

Ladies Div gross champion - Lee Kyoung Hyun/Park Myong Seon

Seniors Div gross champion - Soc Cadayona/Ramon Tam

Juniors Div gross champion - Charles Yumang/Billy Tapocar