DEAR Editor,

This is a matter of expression. I was encouraged to know that local newspapers welcomed contributions from all sects in our society, thus, should I say that this would be an opportunity for me to express a certain matter regarding an issue that I had read in a column in various newspapers.

Well, let me start to express my deepest support to the Department of National Defense and to the Armed Forces of the Philippines as well in the plan of reviving the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). The training revival will truly instill discipline and will also help augment military forces in our country.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

During my college years, I had experienced to be one of those men who do the marching thing being a trainee in the ROTC course in our university. It was fun, notwithstanding the moral values I earned in the training. The training has a great impact to me, it produced a specific character or should I say a pattern of behavior, moral and mental improvement also.

I salute the DND and AFP for the courageous plan of reviving ROTC. I believed that the ROTC training would be a training ground for students who would like and love to be part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. ROTC is not only a mere training of marching as what all believed to be, it also focuses on leadership development, problem solving, strategic planning, professional ethics and volunteerism can be incorporated in the training.

However, the ROTC revival has been opposed by some of the party lists namely the militant Kabataan party list, the Anakbayan as well as the League of the Filipino Students. For the Kabataan party list, ROTC is susceptible to many abuses. But I would like to say that it would only be susceptible if it is not properly managed. But the AFP stated their words that they will never tolerate hazing or any forms of abuses if the proposed provision will be approved. Be it known that discipline is the bedrock of military organization.

Allow me to say these words: the opposing of the party lists in the revival of ROTC only shows their never ending criticisms and condemnation to the plans and institutional reforms of the government. The above mentioned party lists are known to all to be allied organizations of the communist terrorist movement CPP/NPA/NDF. They never praised institutional reforms just as CPP/NPA/NDF never appreciated developments in the countryside, maybe because it only defined their irrelevance. I only got in mind that the opposition party lists and the CPP/NPA/NDF themselves fragmented any programs that would strengthen the military organization.

Reserve Officers Training Corps revival must not be opposed. It must be supported making it an academic requirement. Military considers ROTC as a vital training in providing reserved officers useful for emergencies.

I believed everyone has the right to express. I just did.

Thank you and more power. GOD Bless us all.

Jonathan Ordon

Davao City