AN EXCESS of optimism was observable among those who attended the oathtaking of the country’s new president, Noynoy Aquino, at the Quirino grandstand in June. Vows to bring change on the lives of the people overflowed in his inaugural speech.

Today, more than forty-three days later, there appears a kind of hesitance in the march of the P-Noy spirit of aggressiveness to do things differently.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

This as some sectors are demanding that the President studies policy proposals more carefully before promulgating them to avoid critical public scrutiny that tend to diminish the credibility of his administration.


Indeed, questions were raised recently over certain official acts of Aquino. One of these is the decision to revoke the midnight appointments without carefully defining the kind of appointments that should be revoked.

While the executive order was careful to exclude the Chief Justice, it did not do the same to the Career Executive Service (CES) that grants rank and assigns position to an officer.

And so, questions as to the EO’s legality or constitutionality are now being lodged in court, thereby exposing to public view certain kinks in the Aquino presidency and casting doubts on its capability to succeed.


The President, however, has found an ally in the business sector, which asked the public to give P-Noy’s Cabinet a chance.

In a statement issued the other day, the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines, Makati Business Club, Management Association of the Philippines, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Philippine Exporters Confederation urged critics of the new government to give it a chance, and to “trust President Aquino’s judgment.”

The novice yet most popular president of the republic, according to the businessmen, “has chosen people whom he trusts and whom he believes can do the honest job he, and we, require.”

The release of the statement means the business community is worried about the critical attacks on P-Noy’s Cabinet even before it is able to prove itself.

But what if President Aquino fails?