MANILA- Prepaid subscribers of Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) now have an affordable, all-in-one load bundle that allows them to use SMS or text messaging to post updates on and receive alerts from popular social networks Facebook, Friendster and Twitter.

The company said Smart Buddy’s AllTxt Combo Plus is the perfect bundle for anyone with an account in any of these massively popular networks because it allows them not only to call and send SMS and multimedia messages but also to update their social networks for just P25 a day.

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“Mobile subscribers these days no longer just call or text to keep in touch with their friends and family or to share news -- they also update their status, write on ‘walls’ and ‘tweet’, too.”

“Most would wish that they could do this on-the-go, on their cellphone, just like texting, without having to get on the Internet. Ideally, it could also work on any phone, even the older handsets, and that it wouldn’t cost too much on top of the staple call and text package. The Smart Buddy AllTxt Combo Plus makes all this possible,” said Danilo Mojica, head of Smart’s Wireless Consumer Division.

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Smart said the package is cost-effective since it does not require connecting to the Internet and works on even older 2G handsets. The addition of e-Txts, or the service that allows subscribers to send updates to social networks via SMS, to the traditional call and text “bucket” services “is a first of its kind in the world and creates for Smart the opportunity to make our subscribers’ Smart Buddy SIMs more relevant to them by offering more connectivity options,” added Mojica.

AllTxt Combo Plus is available in six variants, each one tailored to a specific budget and a preferred social network.


AllTxt Combo Plus Facebook 25 is valid for one day and provides 100 Smart-to-Smart/Talk ‘N Text SMS or MMS plus 10 texts to other networks, five minutes of Smart-to-Smart/Talk ‘N Text calls and 40 e-Txts. AllTxt Combo Plus Friendster 25 and AllTxt Combo Plus Twitter 25 offer the same bundled value.

For subscribers that need more value, AllTxt Combo Plus Facebook 50 is valid for two days, and provides 200 Smart-to-Smart/Talk ‘N Text SMS or MMS, plus 20 texts to other networks, 10 minutes of Smart-to-Smart/Talk ‘N Text calls and 80 e-Txts. AllTxt Combo Plus Friendster 50 and AllTxt Combo Plus Twitter 50 offer the same bundled value.

Smart Buddy subscribers may register for the bundle on their own, by sending FB25 to 2526 for AllTxt Combo Plus Facebook 25; FR25 for Friendster; or TW25 for Twitter. For the P50-package, subscribers may send FB50 for Facebook, FR50 for Friendster; and TW50 for Twitter.

Subscribers may also opt to buy AllTxt Combo Plus from over a million Smart Load retailers nationwide.

Subscribers registering for any of the six packages on their own will be deducted P24 or P49, with P1.00 left as maintaining balance, depending on the package.

Smart Buddy subscribers availing themselves of any of the AllTxt Combo Plus packages must log on to either and register their Facebook, Friendster, or Twitter account, to trigger set-up instructions and link the site to their mobile number.

For status updates or wall posts to Facebook, Friendster or Twitter, subscribers simply need to key in the following SMS commands and send to 2526 -- FBcontent for Facebook, FRcontent for Friendster, or TWcontent for Twitter. (PR)