CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama assured there is good faith and respect for the Province where the Ordinance 93-1 issue is concerned, but he was mum about the “Dim your lights” signage at the South Road Properties.

Gov. Gwen Garcia, on the other hand, had said that if the City Government is serious in its intention to negotiate, it should first remove the “disrespectful” signage from the SRP.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

“I do not question that good faith is necessary towards a lasting resolution of any dispute. However, with respect to what is being referred to, I first have to check if

it’s still there and what are the circumstances are,” Mayor Rama said yesterday.

Rama said that personally, he respects the Provincial Government and is thankful to the governor for reopening negotiations on the 93-1 properties.

“We have even taken steps to show our response to the pronouncement on the side of the governor. I’ll have it checked on what is its status,” he said, referring to the signage at the SRP.

Following Garcia’s statement that the Province is now ready to renegotiate with the City Government on the 93-1 beneficiaries, Rama created an ad hoc committee that will represent the City in the negotiating table.

The committee is composed of City Administrator Jose Marie Poblete, City Attorney Joseph Bernaldez, Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor head Danilo Gabiana and consultant on housing matters, Margie Matthieu.

The City Council also designated Councilors Nida Cabrera, Alvin Dizon, Sisinio Andales and former city administrator Francisco “Bimbo” Fernandez to sit as members in the ad hoc committee.


Garcia will ask DPWH officials why the signage is placed along national roads, which are under their supervision.

Garcia would like a statement from the DPWH on whether they belong to them or not, and why the signage put up on national road.

Based on their response, she will act upon those who are responsible for putting those up.

“Is it worth it na ipadayon na just to satisfy the childishness of one bully?” Garcia


“The city should clean all the irritants and get rid of those who are no longer involved in the present administration of Mayor Rama,” Garcia said.

The governor expressed hope on the administration of Mayor Rama. She said Cebu’s present administration is worth negotiating with. She reiterated again that she is seeing light at the end of a long, dark tunnel under the new administration.

Osmeña reaction

“That’s just her guilty conscience kay sila mismo niingon nga ngitngit ang syudad unya karon ako pa ang hambugero. Dato kuno ang probinsya pero ngano man nga ngitngit kaayo ang probinsya, unsa man na (they themselves said the city is dark and now they’re saying I’m the one boasting. They said the province is rich, but why is it so dark in the province?)”

Osmeña said the governor has no authority over the road in the city. But, anyway, he said, that if she will run for mayor the next time, let her run for mayor.

“Pero just a reminder lang, ang mga Garcia sa syudad, zero gyud. They have been outrightly rejected by the people.”

As to the governor’s condition for negotiation, Osmeña said, “You can put any condition you want, I don’t care. If they have to negotiate, they have to negotiate.

Hey, look, mayor Rama was the one who rejected the deal noh?”

“Anyway, I am no longer mayor, just let mayor Rama handle the issue, but if you ask me, I don’t want the signage to be taken out.”

“What is its connection, that’s completely a separate issue and besides, they are the ones who opened the negotiation,” he added.