TRAFFIC congestions in city streets of Bacolod seemed to be an ordinary picture in the daily lives of the Bacolodnons. With the images of our streets turned to parking lots and market extensions and the busy roads were PUJs and commuters have taken advantage.

These are ordinary scenes but had large effect in the routines of many ordinary people – private and government employees, businessmen and students, among others.

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Amid these traffic problems, self-discipline is the only solution to resolve the issue. The city has passed so many traffic-related ordinances, put up traffic facilities and enforcers yet the issue remains on height.

In one of the writings of Michael Janke, he described that lack of discipline in any individual, group, or society can lead to disaster. Which is true after several road accidents reported before are caused by irresponsible decision making of both motorists and pedestrians that resulted to several injuries to the victims or even death, likewise destruction to properties.

Now, there are these street signs, obviously to let people know the rules in the streets. But it looks like that these signage are considered ordinary decorations that are being neglected.

Let’s have the Lacson Street for instance. Street signs are everywhere but oftentimes disregarded as if it doesn’t exist.

Once we begin to consciously recognize the excuses we use to justify the circumstances in our lives, we can focus our efforts towards fixing the real problem. Keep in mind that as human beings we will always make mistakes and blunders, but it is through the power of self-discipline that we are able to diminish their impact on our lives.

Self-discipline is not about punishment or even about a restrictive lifestyle. It is the ability of the individual to adhere to actions, thoughts, and behaviors that result in personal improvement instead of instant gratification.

Lack of self-discipline is the main reason for the failures we experience in both our personal and professional lives. It is also the underlying reason we experience disease, obesity, financial ruin, and relationship problems on a national level.

Thus, starting this very simple thing with in ourselves will make big difference in the society.

Remember the quote: “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan.”