AFTER the derailed trip of the Major League (11-12) of the Bacolod-Negros (BaNeg) Little League Chapter to the World Series Little League in Portland, Oregon slated August 12-17, 2010, many sectors are considering the idea of requesting the conduct of congressional inquiry against Little League Philippines (LLP) for their negligence for failure to be at the venue on August 9, 2010.  

Seven Negrense lawmakers are being urged by these sectors to spearhead the inquiry that put shame to the good name of the province where these players came from and the whole country in general.


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For many times, LLP headed by Atty. Jose Luis "Jolly" Gomez, now one of the commissioners of the organization, and his assistant Chito Gonzales should be made accountable for the said derailed trip.  

LLP has never lifted a hand helping the teams in its preparation for so many years but instead pressured the team to follow their instructions and payment of their monetary obligations.  

The association would always ask if the teams have money and never been involved in the team’s preparations like securing their visas when campaigning in the World Series.  

They knew that BaNeg teams are capable of paying the $3,000 registration while competing in the Asia Pacific.

As expected, the team won the Asia Pacific crown thus, assured them of a $20,000 subsidy however it was allegedly taken by LLP.

Rather than giving it to the team to personally purchase their tickets to the US, LLP holds the money and will purchase the tickets from their own travel agency, making it very difficult for each team to decide.  

For the second time, LLP withheld the $10,000 for a total of $20,000 subsidy of the Major League claiming it was paid for their penalty for not coming to the venue to participate in the World Series which they claimed they have not done, but the Junior League (13-14) instead.  

When the Major league paid a courtesy call to newly installed Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Chairman, Bacoleño Ritchie Garcia, Atty. Gomez, reportedly prevented them from talking with Garcia. The team was then trying to seek help for their trip to Portland last August 5.


Gomez also reportedly told them to go back to where they stayed at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.(with reports from scoop-Bacolod0