ZAMBOANGA City Mayor Celso Lobregat has urged foreign embassies' officials to be "circumspect" in the issuance of travel advisories to their citizens.

Lobregat's call came after the British Embassy reviewed and reissued with amendments to its "Safety and Security (terrorism) and Local Travel-Mindanao sections (explosion at Zamboanga airport)."

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The British Embassy immediately reviewed and reissued with amendments its travel advisory after a bomb exploded in the evening of August 5 at the Zamboanga International Airport, killing two people and injuring 24 others including a British national.

The embassy's travel advisory was updated in August 6 and remains in effect Friday, August 13.

The travel advisory sometimes can do more harm than good, Lobregat said.

He said the foreign embassy officials have to study and review the travel advisory they issue "especially that sometimes, they made sweeping travel advisories for the entire Mindanao."

He said not all of the places in Mindanao are dangerous for foreigners to travel. (Bong Garcia)