FAGGOT, he was called?

That’s Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s latest amischief on Manny Pacquiao.

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Faggot’s the slang for gay. That’s about the closest definition I can think of.

The Internet, as usual, was the alleged source of this recent spate of Mayweather madness.

The media exploited it.

Not surprising.

Everything about celebrities, notorious or not, is grist for copy.

Not surprising, too, that Mayweather called Pacquiao a faggot. Mayweather is not called The Mouth for nothing.

If it were David Diaz calling Pacquiao a faggot, then that’d be not only a surprise but a shocker of global magnitude, as an 8.2 earthquake on the Richter scale.

Mayweather, to cover up for his fear of Pacquiao, has to keep hitting Pacquiao. If he does it below the belt—as he keeps on doing actually—so much the better.

Isn’t Mayweather the first to explode the unbelievably incredible tale that Pacquiao was into drugs to enhance his physique to make him grow bigger, thus, giving him more

chances at chasing championship belts in different weight divisions?

With Pacquiao holding today an unprecedented seven world crowns in seven categories, he is the undisputed greatest boxer on the planet.

Because of this, Pacquiao has become the pound-for-pound king for quite some time now.

Only a while back, that distinction belonged to Mayweather.

That’s the reason Mayweather came back from retirement.

That’s the reason he keeps unleashing below-the-belt punches against Pacquiao.

He can’t bear the fact he’s been dethroned by our very own Pacquiao.

Mayweather even faces now a case of oral defamation filed against him by Pacquiao in Nevada.

But he’s undaunted. Protected by America’s ultra-democracy, Mayweather will not stop at anything just to downgrade, even insult, Pacquiao.

What I am more surprised about, though, now is Pacquiao seems to be running out of patience. He lost his cool on the faggot fare.

Well, with Pacquiao’s new stature as a congressman, he should also learn to duck tirades by simply staying calm.

Smile and keep those lips sealed, OK?

In boxing parlance, roll with the punches, bebe.