ASPIRING basketball referees will have their chance to get accredited and licensed when Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) will hold BAP National Referees Accreditation sand Licensing Seminar set on September 18-19, 2010 at USLS Covered Court.

Resource speaker will be Boy Reglo, BAP National Commissioner and FIBA accredited referee.

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The seminar is organized by BAP Regional Commissioner Rolando "Jack" Marañon who is inviting all BAP referees to attend the seminar that will deal on the latest amended FIBA Rules.

The seminar will enhance the knowledge of referees to understand the amended FIBA Rules and at the same time to rehearse them the correct signaling. It will also give them the knowledge of the exact training and exercises to maintain their endurance during the actual officiating.

BAP Regional Referees Commission is holding similar seminars by invitations in the different towns and cities in the province of Negros Occidental.

Registration fee of P200 will be charged to each participant in the two-day seminar. (PR)