IN THE course of my schooling, which ended a couple of weeks ago, our class had about a few films to write a review on and among the films that we reviewed was an inspirational one entitled: Facing the Giants.

While I am not into this kind of film, this one was interesting. Personally, I thought this is the kind of movie that producers and filmmakers do not much focus about. While it is inspirationally-themed, it also depicts the different challenges that come in our lives and how these are dealt with by the actors in it. After watching the film, a lot of my classmates had made the film their inspiration to hurdle our course and I am amazed with the impact it has made on my classmates, not to mention myself, too.

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The film is a demonstration of a good example on how a specific style of leadership can be applied in the most appropriate manner to turn around a chronically losing organization (the Shiloh Eagles) into a successful one (state champions). It shows how to effectively accomplish organizational objectives without any extraordinary or other additional inputs in any aspects of organizational effectiveness other than the application of excellent and responsive leadership. Many coaches, leaders, executives and commanders in various fields of competition can take basic leadership lessons from this film.

It is about a small town high school football team led by a devout Christian coach who, through religious faith, manages to overcome the challenges in his own life, changing the lives of players and the school community, as well as winning the state football championship. Grant Taylor is the central figure in the story. He is the coach of the high school varsity football team of Shiloh Christian Academy Eagle in Georgia.

Taylor's leadership style veers away from the traditional autocratic style because one cannot actually impose a more authoritarian system in a high school varsity team, much more in dealing with the Shiloh Eagles, a group of underachieving teenage football players.

The major dilemmas in the story could not be considered as such in the film because the main character was always on the side of giving up his personal and professional as well as his team's fate to God. Still, these dilemmas are worth mentioning if only for presenting cases that may present themselves on other people in the future.

Taylor's first faced the dilemma of his star players' tendency to transfer to and play for another school. Preventing them from leaving may ensure better and more quality in the varsity roster. But preventing them from leaving may also result to unhappiness that may result in poor performance or even negatively affect the other players in the team. He resolves it by deciding to allow players to transfer on the premise that through hard work, he can bring success to the team.

Taylor's second dilemma was more difficult for him. When he learned that he may be impotent, he was offered two choices: adoption or in vitro fertilization. Taylor resolves this dilemma by leaving it up to God. Taylor's third dilemma was whether to collapse and be paralyzed or persevere and continue his struggle when everything seemed lost. Taylor resolves his dilemma by deciding to continue the fight. Some of Taylor's players also faced their own dilemmas as well. But due to space constraint, only Taylor's will be mentioned here.

Taylor overcame his dilemmas because of his confidence in his abilities and his latent desire not to constrain the happiness and future of his former players. He overcame his second dilemma by surrendering his fate to God. And finally, he overcame a third dilemma in realizing not only the power of his faith but also because of his unwavering sense of duty and responsibility.

After Taylor embarks on a campaign to get the entire team more involved with God as the team members' main philosophy, the school community gets caught in the renewal movement. Secondly, humor showed to be an indispensible factor in facilitating training and actual games, ensuring a strong bond among the members and with the coaching staff.

Finally, the film makes full use of metaphors to strengthen faith in God, among themselves as persons, and as a team. The "Giants" that the Shiloh Eagles faced were literally giants not only in name, but also in the number of their opponents and the physical size and skill of this opponent. As the one person who contributed the most in defeating the Giants, the kicker was named David, in obvious attribution to the biblical young David who killed the giant warrior.