MICHAEL Dadap, a New York-based Pinoy, artistic and music director, and conductor of the Children’s Orchestra Society since 1984, will be in Cebu on Aug. 19-20 to give a workshop and master class introducing a new twist in an already established musical technique “Orchestra Sin Arco” (orchestra without bows).

The Virtuoso Bandurria Teachers’ Workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the two days, at the West Gorordo Hotel, Gorordo Ave., Cebu City.

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As a conductor, Michael has collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned artists. In reviewing the Young Symphonic Ensemble (YSE) at New York’s Town Hall on May 3, 1993, music critic Bert Wechsler dubbed Michael Dadap a “fine, sensitive musician: who is obviously also a mighty orchestra builder... a teacher. What drives Mr. Dadap’s work is his faith in the children’s capacity to learn and his energy, patience, and special talent in communicating his love for music to the children.” For over 20 years, Michael has worked and honed a technique that will introduce the proper discipline and method of playing classical music, with folk instruments like the Bandurria and Octavina (Alto and Contra).

“You can play Bach, to Bahay Kubo (traditional folk song),” shared Michael on how this practice will encourage young children and grown-ups alike to have a wider selection in their repertoire.

Directed primarily towards music educators, the workshop aims to dispel the stereotypes that folk instruments are only “for the disabled.”

The lecturer will tackle lessons like, how to read new types of notations for playing a piece being part of an orchestra sin arco, and/or the techniques involved in producing various kinds of sounds from plucked instruments. “Classical music is available for everyone—rich or poor,” Michael shares.