FASHION icon and “Magkaribal” star Angel Aquino is fond of working with actress Gretchen Barretto.

Angel said their working relationship off-screen is very different from what people saw on television.

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When asked about their banters and fashion showdown on the soap, Angel is reluctant to compete with Gretchen.

“I don't even want to compete with how she dresses up or she style herself. She has the means, the good and the personal stuff eh,” she added.

Angel is hands down when it comes to Gretchen's clothes, shoes, and accessories.

“Talo-talo na talaga yan. Alam ko na she's the more fashionable one and talagang wala akong masabi sa kanya.”

Gretchen is set to come home anytime soon from her Paris, France vacation and it can be expected that new season clothes will be shown in “Magkaribal” soon.

Angel meanwhile shared Gretchen is very professional, always on time, focus and generous.

Angel related that one time she was given a bag full of at least 12-15 clothes.

“I never really expected that from her and she's very maalaga talaga. She will bring food for everyone once nasa set yan,” she said of Gretchen.

The clothes are being used by Angel on her Studio 23 Sunday show "Us Girls" with Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Iya Villania.

“It's too colorful for my character as Vera kaya I try to use it on my other show.”

When asked why she accepted the antagonist role in “Magkaribal”, Angel said she's after the experience.

“I wanted to try something new because lagi na lang umiiyak na asawa o kung ano. I wanted to challenge myself and I'm happy because they trusted me the part,” she added.

Angel also believes that it is high time to act on a role close to her, which is being a fashion enthusiast, in a television series. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)