EVERYTHING happened in the big white house.

From way back, the bog white house stood regal and mighty along Legaspi Street.

Each time I pass by, staring in awe was the usual expression. It must have been that house that implanted in me the desire to be an architect.

Architect I became. I got toiled through five years in college. Spent sleepless nights to finish the plates, also known as the working plan of whatever structure that was assigned. Eventually, got into the habit of chain smoking and chug gallons of caffeine in a single night.

Two million and six hundred twenty eight thousand minutes of the academe. The total consumption of nicotine and caffeine is unknown but I finally got my diploma. Yes, the diploma hanging on the wall.

If there is one thing I learned from school, it was to see the world's greatest architectural wonders. And today, I am enjoying the chance to visit these places with my current choice of profession. Lucky. It still involves the art of creating -- stories. Tales that make you want to see for yourself what I was blessed to see.

Thanks to the big white house. I got to enter to it once during my high school days but today, it is open to everyone. No longer is it referred to as the Lat's house, it is now Recuerdo.

Every since the gates were unlatched to the compound and the doors of the white house were opened, there has been a constant flurry of activity in the premises.

The pronouncements were unanimous. Restored to its former glory, it is indeed beautiful. Most especially if you hold a party. Yes, it was the scene of Davao's A-listers' private parties way back. You can relive it today.

In a recent "house" party, the first installment of by invitation only event took place. What better way to celebrate and reminisce the good old times of the residence than reliving the opulence of the 80's.

DJ Gary's music of the decade ruled the air in the compound and everyone treasured every minute they spent inside the big white house. My intentions were quite selfish, it was way cooler (in temperature, okay, the crowd as well) inside.

As the night wore on and the rain was pounding the roof, we found ourselves in "the kitchen" moment once more and dished out not only the midnight snacks but also everything else, from the yesteryear to people to business to politics. It's nice to be in company of enlightened people.

Let me tell you that that has become a routine in "the kitchen". There can be more than coffee or soup that can be brewed. So to you who's saying that you are close to the politician on the highest seat in the city, think twice. He is a frequent guest in "the kitchen" and has been informed of your questionable character and that his name is constantly dropped from your fibbing lips.

Aaaah, great party! And this is just the initial installment of a fantastic line-up of soirees in this big white house, Recuerdo.