MABALACAT-- The Rotary Club (RC) of Dau and Gunpo City of South Korea have recently forged a sisterhood pact seen to strengthen ties between the two clubs and reach out to more beneficiaries in their respective communities.

According to First District Board Member Tarcicio DC Halili, officers and members of RC Dau, which he heads left recently for Gunpo City to sign the sisterhood pact.

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“RC Dau and RC Gunpo of South Korea share a lot of things in common. They both have been long in existence, for about 21 years, serving our respective communities. Both charter presidents are still very active,” Halili said.

Halili said the RC Dau delegation was accompanied by RC Gunpo officials during a courtesy call to Gunpo City Mayor No Jae Young. Gunpo City, he said, is the next most progressive city in South Korea, next to Seoul.

Halili disclosed that the visit of RC Dau there was an appreciation call after the local club received 21 units of brand new, high tech computer sets, which will be used for the club’s training center, which he personally founded in 1988.

“That center has been, for the last several years, offering free computer classes to the poor. Along with that, it also offers practical electricity, high speed sewing, computer repair and electronics,” said Halili.

The RC Dau delegation was led by Halili and was composed of past presidents Benny Jocson and Reden David, Director Richard Park, Rotarian Tess Guillas and Rotary Anns Leni and Fely. (Jovi T. De Leon)