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Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

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WITH the efforts of DepEd to modernize its operations and improve the teaching and learning process, several programs and projects, among them, the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) and the DepEd Internet Connectivity Project (DICP) are being implemented to give flesh to the said endeavor.

DCP facilitates the deployment of computer laboratories to public schools while the DICP provides internet connectivity and development systems for administrative offices and public schools throughout the country.

Due to the lack of guidelines circulated in the field, increase in computer and network/internet activities leading to different concerns, among them personal and business related have increased.

To ensure the effective and efficient use of computer and network facilities, the Information and Communications and Technology Unit (ICTU) of DepEd has formulated the guidelines on the proper use of computer and network facilities in all DepEd administrative offices and public schools which were incorporated in DepEd Order No. 95, s.2010 signed by DepEd Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro, FSC.

This is a follow up to the internet usage policies using the DepEd facilities which was the contents of DepEd Order No. 105, s. 2009 entitled, "Guidelines in Managing the Proper Use of Internet Services in All Administrative Offices and Schools".

Among the policies stipulated in the latest DepEd issuance are: Personal files or software such as documents, pictures, audio, video, etc. must not be placed, copied and installed in the DepEd-owned computers. These files must be stored in external storage devices such as optical disks, external hard disks, USB flash drives owned personally by the user.

It was emphasized that officials, employees, students with DepEd ICT equipment and peripherals such as computers or laptop, mouse, keyboard, storage devices labeled with official DepEd property stickers can avail of technical assistance and/or repair services provided by this Department.

In the event that the school or office lacks the equipment, personal ICT equipment and peripherals such as computers, mouse, keyboard, storage devices, among others may be used in the performance or enhancement of their duties at their own risk. They shall also be properly recorded with the DepEd Security Office.

However, in the event that these personal ICT equipment and peripherals break down, the owner cannot avail of any technical assistance and/or repair services from DepEd-hired ICT maintenance crew, since these are not DepEd properties.

To avoid possible computer virus infection, since majority of anti-virus software rely on an active internet connection, computers and other storage devices which were used for fieldwork should be scanned first before using. Technical assistance shall be provided by their respective ICT units, ICT coordinators or computers maintenance crew.

To adhere to the policies of intellectual property rights, only licensed and/or authorized open-source software shall be installed in DepEd-owned computers. It was further directed that an office which has application software requirements shall coordinate with its respective ICT unit/ICT coordinators to make the necessary arrangements in procuring the license/s of the required software.

The Order also pointed out that watching TV programs, through "TV Tuners", DVD videos, and playing of games, which are not for official use, shall be strictly prohibited.

Moreover, offices with limited ICT resources shall be required to establish Local Area Network (LAN) so that ICT resources (file, print and internet) can be shared.

To ensure that the guidelines will be followed strictly, the Computer Usage Code-of-Conduct Contract must be filled-up and signed by all concerned personnel before using said facilities.

May these guidelines be followed up to the field offices and schools to ensure the maximum usage of said computers and internet facilities for system effectiveness and better quality of education that will increase student outcomes.

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Mr. Lorenzo E. Mendoza, M.A. is connected with DepEd Regional Office Davao Region and currently on study leave.