THE Lim sisters, Cherrie Ann and Abbie, are behind Caci, a face and body care center, which claims to be at “the forefront of anti-aging science and technology.”

Caci stands for computer-assisted cosmetology instrument, and the sisters chanced upon it through their mother, who patronizes Caci in Davao. They saw how the Caci treatments made their mother look really young with glowing skin, so they decided to bring Caci to Cebu.

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The sisters grew up in Davao and came to Cebu for their college studies.

Abbie is a business administration graduate and takes care of the business aspects of their venture. She is also taking up MBA in Ateneo. On top of that, she is helping the family candy-making business based in Mandaue City.

Cherrie Ann, on the other hand, is a nurse, dentist, orthodontist and she takes care of the medical aspect of the center. Cherrie confesses she had always wanted to be a dermatologist, but her father did not want her to take a long course for he was afraid she would not get married. She took up dentistry, instead. She is married to a fellow dentist, Dr. Mark Acorin, with whom she shares a clinic in Mandaue.

Caci, explains Abbie, originated in England and is found in Europe and the US. In the Philippines, it has its main office in Manila. Davao was the first franchise and their Cebu center is the second one (located at The Terraces in Ayala).

At the heart of the treatment is the Caci ultimate machine, which uses micro-current face and body toning, crystal-free microdermabrasion, LED photo therapy and high frequency stimulation.

This machine also does non-surgical facial toning as well as body shaping and contouring.

For hair removal, the center has the power flash machine from Italy. Flash uses intense pulse light to remove unwanted hair at the same time that it rejuvenates the skin.

To go with these machines are various natural products available only at the center: Dermatrics, which is a line of skin care that includes cleansing lotion, cleansing clarifying wash, acne spot corrector, among others; Sorme, which is a complete line of cosmetics for the eyes, face, brows and lips, including cosmetic brushes; and age-reversing skin care products under the Refinee label. Caci also has other products dedicated to making your skin look immaculate.

Caca’s treatments begin by cleansing both face and neck, while giving these areas a light massage, a “trademark” that makes the treatment unique, singular.

One only has to look at Abbie and Cherrie Ann to be convinced of that facial treatments really work.