SEXY actress Krista Ranilla revealed Sunday afternoon that she's pregnant.

In an exclusive interview aired in "The Buzz," Krista shared she and husband Jefferson Niño Lim is expecting a baby.

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"I'm going to be a mother!"

Krista however immediately added the wedding took place not because she's pregnant.

"Hindi po talaga kami nag-asawa for any other reason. Not because of the pregnancy, nothing. Because we really love each other."

She's now in her early stage of pregnancy and is excited to build a life and family with hubby Nino.

Krista also explained her reason for leaving the country. She said she decided to go the US to avoid all the controversies here. She thought that everything will pass once she leaves the country.

"Yung time na yun, eh medyo magulo talaga and nakatulong talaga sa akin na pumunta muna sa mga magulang ko."

When she decided to start a new life abroad, she met again childhood sweetheart Nino, a supermarket executive.

"Nakikita nya talaga kung ano yung kabutihan ng isang tao, kaya pag ganun parang ayaw mo ng malayo pa sa kanya," she said.

Krista also revealed that they already had a very simple wedding last July 14 in Norwalk. That same day, they decided to have another little wedding on August 8. But after the wedding date leaked to the Philippine entertainment press, the couple cancelled it and just decided to continue with the Jewish celebration two days before the actual date.

"Yun po pinlano namin na very private lang, yung guest list namin nasa 32 or 33, kaya lang di namin nacontrol nag-leak rin, nag-leak rin po sa media siyempre noong nalaman ng lahat lumaki yung guest list so kinancel po namin... And then last minute we decided to push through with the August 8," she said. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)