BACOLOD City Rep. Anthony Golez has his reservations on the proposal by the Department of Education to implement a 12 year education cycle for all students, thereby adding two more years to the existing 10-year education cycle. 

Golez stated that, even now with the present 10-year cycle, the country’s educational system faces a great challenge for the lack of the basic physical needs for education.  

There are many students who cannot attend classes because of the unavailability of schools, teachers, books and other infrastructures for the existing schools, he pointed out. 

“I am not saying that this is not good for the country but I still have my reservation with the many questions I have regarding the proposal,” he said as he explained his stand on the 12-year study cycle. 

There were schools that were destroyed by calamities and there is a need for an inventory on how many of these damaged schools were re-constructed, he added. 

“We need to solve these questions first so that we can say that we are indeed preparing for the 12-year old program,” he concluded. (Carla N. Cañet)